2011-01-10 17:26:52 by SirShikari


It's out. Hope youse enjoy it, and it's free so you may as well download it :D

New project!

2009-09-06 16:00:02 by SirShikari

Started a new project :D. Working on music for an 8-bit game. More news as it comes :D. Check out the site, not much there atm, but should be more news soon. :)

Voyage and Musagi

2009-03-08 18:30:16 by SirShikari

I started a symphony on a piece of music software called Musagi a few months back, and recently just finished it. It clocks in at an epic 76:31 (dont worry, is broken into 6) and covers as many genres as I could possibly think of, from traditional indian raga to ambient drone, however, I used a basic theme which i variated throughout the piece at different points to give a motif feeling throughout an extremely lenghty piece. Musically, one of my proudest moments. WIll begin to put on the audio portal, part by part, however some parts will have to be broken up to fit under the size rule in place by Newgrounds.

In other news, Arch Enemy and Carcass were just announced to co-headline Bloodstock Open Air this year on the friday *drools*. So glad I got my ticket all the way back in November xD